FIT Sport Design Awards


Our mission is to recognize the industry’s most innovative sports equipment and apparel from around the world. We are celebrating designers’ creativity and exceptional vision while honoring socially responsible practices that will inspire the next generations.

The judges have an obsession with novelties, comfort, and performance enhancement design. Winning the FIT Sport Design Awards will set you apart from the competition, bring media attention, new collaborations, and guide customers being a badge of quality. Whether it’s for a design credential or a new sustainable concept, this program is an independent endorsement and an outstanding indicator of success!

The FIT Sport Design Awards is looking for groundbreaking sports innovations, sustainable products, solutions enhancing performance, providing comfort to athletes or everyday players, and practices having a positive environmental impact. The program is open to professional Designers, Freelancers, and Emerging talents.

About 3C Awards

The FIT Sport Design Award is a program under the 3C Awards, a leading organization curating and promoting design across the globe. The company represents today’s diversity and innovation in Design, each program is a symbol of design excellence around the world, showcasing Professional and Emerging designers’ work to over 100 expert jury members.

Developed by Hossein Farmani and Astrid Hébert,3C Awards is part of a larger organization 3C GROUP based in Switzerland and specialized in Awards, Marketing, Media, and Events. 3C Group is a sister company to Farmani Group, founded by Hossein Farmani. Farmani Group is a leading organization curating and promoting photography, design, and architecture across the globe since 1985.

3C awards is part of Three C Group GmbH, a Swiss-registered company based in Grabenstrasse 15a, 6340 Baar, Switzerland. More information is available on: