We are looking to award gear and clothing that make the sport experience more enjoyable, more accessible, safer, or simply more comfortable: for both athletes and everyday participants.

Dedicated to sport apparel and equipment design, FIT Sport Design Awards unites innovation and performance. With 29 categories represented, FIT Sport Design Awards is the most comprehensive program of its kind; a powerful cross-disciplinary platform from which to promote your designs to a truly international market.

The categories below are available for gear/equipment and apparel designs. Each applicant will need to choose the most suitable categories for their products; the names of sports per category are for reference only and the list is non-exhaustive.


  • OUTDOOR SPORTS: All sports that are most commonly played/practiced outdoors
  • INDOOR SPORTS: All sports that are most commonly played/practiced indoors
  • SUMMER SPORTS: All sports that are most commonly played/practiced in Summer
  • WINTER SPORTS: All sports that are most commonly played/practiced in Winter
  • URBAN LIFE: Urban lifestyle apparel and gears


  • SNOWSPORTS: Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, ski mountaineering
  • WALKING & RUNNING: Walking, Running, Trail, Free running, Parkour, Cross-country running
  • MOUNTAINEERING, CLIMBING, HIKING: Rock climbing, Ice climbing, Mountaineering, Bivac, Hiking
  • WATERSPORT, AQUATIC, PADDLE SPORTS: Swimming, Canoeing, Rafting, Kayaking, Rowing, SUP, Aqua Gym, Water Polo, Diving, Snorkeling
  • SAILING & SURFING: Sailing, Windsurfing, Surfing, Kitesurfing
  • MOTORIZED SPORTS: Auto racing, Sportscar racing, Rallycross, ATV racing, Motorcycle racing
  • BALL SPORTS: Baseball, American Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Handball, Basketball, Golf, Rugby
  • RACKET SPORTS: Tennis, Tennis Table, Badminton, Squash
  • CYCLING: Road bicycle racing, Mountain biking, E-bike, BMX
  • AIR SPORTS: Paragliding, Gliding, Balloon, Skydiving, Aerobatics
  • COMBAT SPORTS: Wrestling, Boxing, Fencing, Martial arts, Judo,
  • STRENGTH TRAINING: Weightlifting, Cross Fit, HIIT
  • EQUESTRIAN SPORTS: Equitation, Horse racing, Polo
  • MIXES DISCIPLINES: Adventure racing, Aquathlon, Biathlon, Decathlon, Triathlon, Orienteering
  • FITNESS & GYMNASTIC: Fitness, Dance, Gym, Dance sport, Artistic gymnastics, Juggling
  • EXERCICES SPORTS: Yoga, Pilates, Relaxation
  • URBAN SPORTS: Skate, Skateboarding, Parkour, Buildering, Scooter
  • OTHER SPORTS: Fishing, Chess, Billiard… and others


  • FOOTWEAR (apparel category only): All men, women and kids footwears and sneakers.
  • PARASPORTS: Sports apparel/Equipment designed for people with disabilities
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainable vision when designing this specific sports apparel/equipment to reduce the sport’s ecological footprint on the environment
  • INNOVATION: Equipment & apparel showing a real innovative vision with the implementation of new processes, products, materials increasing comfort and performance
  • SPORT GADGET (gear category only): Any gadgets and wearables allow you to track your progress, technology allowing performance enhancement
  • E-SPORT & APPLICATION (gear category only): E-sport, Software, Website, Application
  • TEXTILE (apparel category only): Technical materials, fabrics that are either sports-specific or generalists with high-tech and smart textile technology