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    Winner in Sport Equipment Design
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    Creature Product Development
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    Wahoo Fitness
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    Wahoo Fitness and Creature Product Development
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    Enginuity Works Corporation (mechanical engineering)
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    Wahoo Fitness
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    Wahoo Fitness and distributors worldwide
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    Creature Product Development and Supply + Demand
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    $799.99 USD
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Background: Smart trainers use electronically-controlled resistance to engage riders through interactive training that can mimic the hills, intervals, and paces of race courses, measure rider output, enable riding in a virtual peloton, etc. However, the bike must be rigidly clamped to the trainer. The result is accurate power measurement and resistance, but a loss of natural road-riding feel. Conversely, rollers have a more realistic road-riding feel, but are very tricky to ride, and have only manually-controlled resistance.

Solution: KICKR ROLLR is the first trainer to combine smart resistance training with the natural riding feel of rollers, a revolutionary combination in the cycling world.
Additionally, KICKR ROLLER is the most convenient indoor cycling trainer available. After initial set up, simply roll the bike in for indoor training, and roll it back out for a road ride. No wheel removal, no tools, no greasy hands, just grab it and go. ROLLR also completely eliminates the learning curve of traditional rollers, which are extremely difficult to master.

During testing, the ease of setup and the advanced comfort resulted in users training more often and for longer sessions.

Primary: KICKR ROLLR is revolutionary in that it is the first indoor smart trainer to combine industry-leading realistic resistance with the natural motion and ride feel of classic rollers. Additionally, it completely eliminates the learning curve of riding typical rollers, which is a huge achievement - just google “roller fails”! Power delivery is spot-on, but the ride-feel is buttery-smooth & more comfortable than any other trainer for most users.

Secondary: This is also the first trainer to allow the rider to attach and remove their bike simply by lifting it on or off the trainer, without even removing a wheel. There are no tools required, no axle adapters or skewers, and no contact with any of the aesthetic components of your bike. The only contact between the ROLLR and your beautiful bike is the tires - there’s no risk of scratching the frame or components. No other smart trainer does this.

Wahoo has a reputation for building bomb-proof indoor training equipment that lasts for years under serious abuse by world-class professional athletes, and the KICKR ROLLR is no exception. The main frame is steel, the rollers are anodized aluminum & the remaining components are composite-reinforced plastics with molded-in precision metal inserts for all mechanical interfaces.

Riding resistance is provided by an array of electromagnets, acting on a cast iron flywheel, precision machined and balanced to provide realistic outdoor road feel. The drive between the rollers & the resistance unit is a completely silent poly-V belt.

Literally, one size fits all. The Wahoo KICKR ROLLR is adjustable in size to fit any men’s or women’s modern road, gravel, or mountain bike. Furthermore, beyond size, it also fits any rider’s ability level, unlike other indoor cycling trainers.

ROLLR’s unique user experience makes indoor training accessible to a broader range of cyclists. Now anyone, even a rider without mechanical skills or the ability to change a tire, can train with the level of comfort and fidelity that a professional athlete expects.

For small living spaces, the user can fold down the front wheel support and lean the unit up against a wall to minimize the storage footprint.

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