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After years of gaining technical experience and advancement in the communications systems and smart helmet industry for motorcyclists, Sena has put its know-how and technological expertise at the service of cycling enthusiasts. The idea is to combine security and technology by offering a product line that best meets the public's need for smart mobility and connectivity.

All the Sena’s products offer direct helmet-to-helmet communication via Intercom Technology and connectivity with the smartphone to listen to your music, be able to follow GPS directions, receive feedback from fitness Apps or take phone calls. Sena has also developed its own App to conveniently control the features of your device from your phone screen.

In the Smart Helmets, the microphone is built into the front rhyme of the shell and transmits clear audio thanks to the Sena Advanced Noise Control technology that filters out interferences given by wind and background noises. The speakers are placed so that they do not cover the ears to keep you aware of the noises of the road and of the surrounding environment.

In the R2 EVO you’ll find state-of-the-art of Sena communication technology packed into an aerodynamic helmet perfect for road cycling, features seamlessly integrated speakers and microphone, which allow users to easily interact with other cyclists and with their smartphones.

Mesh Intercom communication platform offers maximum flexibility in helmet-to-helmet connections and is able to automatically connect to all compatible Sena Mesh devices in the helmet's range, with no limits in the number of connections and no pairing procedures. The function Multi-channel Open Mesh offers 9 channels, letting you switch between groups on different frequencies.

Bluetooth 5.2 technology allows you to connect to your smartphone, enabling you to make phone calls, listen to your music, hear GPS navigation, and even connect to fitness apps. The Sena Cycling App allows riders to conveniently take control of the R2 EVO's features. Through the app, you can create groups of friends to easily connect with, control taillight settings, manage multi-language voice prompt selection, and access the Quick Start Guide on the go.

Product Detail
The R2 EVO is safety certified and built with a protective in-mold polycarbonate shell. The helmet, lined with removable and washable inner padding, features a smooth nylon chin strap, and a spin lock for superior protection and a secure fit. The R2 EVO features a built-in taillight, improving rider visibility on the road. With three brightness settings, you can enhance clarity in different lighting situations.

Size: S / M / L
Color: Matte Black / Matte White / Matte Gray
Weight: 394 g (M size)
Mesh Intercom™ Technology
Bluetooth 5.2
Noise Cancellation: Advanced Noise Control™
Talk Time: 12 ~ 18 hours (varies based on LED use)
Charging Time: 3 hours
Fast Charge: 20 minutes of charging equals 2 hours Intercom
Type: Lithium Polymer Battery

Working Distance:
Mesh Intercom™: up to 900 meters in open terrain
*can extend up to 3.6 km between a minimum of 6 riders (in open terrain)
Supports up to:
virtually limitless number of users
Supports Channels:
9 channels

Sena is the leading brand for Mesh and Bluetooth® Intercom™ communication devices for motocycling. Sena has been successfully innovating the motorcycle communication industry for more than a decade and has since expanded its technology know-how into the cycling, outdoor, and industrial markets. Sena's wide range of products offers a secure way to communicate, enabling adventure enthusiasts to #RideConnected and teams to #WorkConnected in real time. Sena offers its products worldwide through its global network of distributors, resellers and OEM partners.

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