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    Winner in Sport Equipment Design / Cycling
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    Cliff Shin
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The all-in-one portable safety device for bikes and mopeds. React in real-time to avoid potential collisions, indicate turning or slowing, and store collision footage with Saddleye!

Machine Learning
Saddleye’s artificial intelligence helps it to learn as you ride, allowing it to analyze vehicles more quickly and accurately, which ultimately leads to faster, more reliable safety alerts.
Smart Alerts
Artificial intelligence allows Saddleye to analyze each approaching vehicle’s type, speed, direction, and danger severity to provide you with the most informative alerts. We eliminate unnecessary warnings of non-dangerous passing vehicles.

Product Detail
The device's core capability is to detect, recognize, locate, and predict the movement of an object relative to the user by utilizing patented proprietary AI technology and a proprietary deep learning algorithm. This is all achieved in a compact, lightweight personal device that has versatility in the micro-mobility environment. FoveAI makes the road safer and enjoyable for micro-mobility travelers.

FoveAI from Saddleye is a personal device that connects the user with their surroundings both physically and digitally with proprietary technology.

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