Capra - VF backpack

  • Prize
    Winner in Sport Equipment Design / Mountaineering, Climbing, Hiking
  • Company/Firm
    Amit Naor
  • Lead Designer
    Amit Naor
  • Photo Credit
    Ayelet Rosenberg
  • Design Status

The idea is to merge the harness, helmet, and energy absorbent into the backpack, thus allowing the traveler a quick and comfortable transition from walking mode to secure mode. All this, within less than a minute, without removing the backpack or even bending down.

These routes invite people for a mountaineering experience of hiking and secure climbing integrated into breathtaking paths.

Product Detail

Capra combines a backpack with safety equipment for a hiker in Via Ferrata routes.

My name is Amit Naor, and I'm an Industrial Designer.

My studio is in Pardes - Hanna.

To me, design is a way of life. I like to question the world as we know it, striving to do better, fix problems, or take on new challenges with concepts, materials, or techniques.

Since 2020 I`ve been on various design teams, at this moment:

- Source - an Israeli travel gear company

- MiniMeis - Norwegian child carrier company

- Independent Designer.

  • FIT Seal