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    Winner in Sport Equipment Design / Mountaineering, Climbing, Hiking
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    Steve Iannello
  • Other Designer(s)
    Julien Rosina
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    Simon Favrot
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    15-140€ depending on size
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AlpX are durable climbing holds designed with customisable skin textures offering unique climbing sensations, better grip and performances for competitors, and a comfortable and fun playground for beginners. By incorporating different textures in selected areas, AlpX brings back the explorative process of having to find your way on the rocks by feel, opening entirely new exploration fields for climbers, shapers and route setters.

The playful surface geometry not only provides the superior grip and unique feel, but is also designed for longevity thanks to low surface wear, high resistance to magnesia powder clogging of the pores, and a new stronger material, making AlpX more durable than existing holds.

Produced by Ino’Holds with their new GreenMix, comprising 35% natural and recycled materials to further reduce the environmental footprint, AlpX are the next step in the evolution of the so far artisanal world of climbing holds.

Climbing gyms need to regularly replace and throw away their used holds because they lose grip with time, gradually becoming smoother through friction and magnesia powder obstructing the pores. Our geometrical patterns greatly reduce the surface wear of the holds, making them more durable, ecological and economical for climbing gyms, who can keep their holds much longer.

At the same time, our patterns bring a new look and feel to the holds, which completely changes the user experience. The roughest textures provide the best grip of all existing holds, improving performances for competitive climbers, while the smoothest offer comfort for beginners. Route setters can mix textures and compose new playful and innovative routes. The spirit of exploration, where climbers need to adapt to the changing conditions of the rock, is brought back to indoor climbing.

We introduced a new digital process in the so far artisanal world of climbing holds making. Thanks to our design process, it is possible to apply an infinite number of textures to any shape, existing or new, without having to sculpt new masters.

Product Detail
AlpX are made with the hybrid material GreenMix by Ino'Holds, a blend of polyurethane resin, polyester resin, 25% hemp fiber and 11% recycled PET. It is 40% lighter and 23% stronger than current PE holds, significantly reducing the share of non-recyclable materials in the mix.

Each hold is moulded in one single part, and its surface is divided between smooth and textured areas where grip is desired.

AlpX are an expanding set of holds of various sizes and different textures, from small foot rest to large blocks. This diversity of size, shape and textures gives climbing gyms everything they need to cover all users of all age, gender and skill level.

They are currently available in 7 colors.

Youkaïdi is an industrial and product design studio from Lausanne, Switzerland. It was co-founded in 2009 by Steve Iannello and Julien Rosina. They share a common vision of design, favouring efficient and carefully detailed products. They strive to spark curiosity by revealing certain hidden conception aspects. In their creations, technical constraints transform into aesthetical elements that bring character to an object.

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