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An electric initiative to support wildlife conservation
Solar-powered wildlife conservation and improved anti-poaching efforts: For years, poaching has had devastating consequences for all wildlife. In some instances, it’s the primary reason why many species now face the risk of extinction. Recently, anti-poaching teams have started using dirt bikes for patrolling, as it’s considered the fastest and most agile vessel to use in the wild.

However, these bikes run on fuel, a scarce resource in the region that is expensive to transport in the remote areas. The combustion engine bikes also alert illegal poachers miles away with their noisy engines, failing to meet their core purpose: to save endangered species from extinction.

Less costly fuel, more renewable power
With combustion engine motorcycles, buying and transporting fuel to the remote areas have proved both costly, inconvenient and very unsustainable. The fuel is shipped long-distance via petrol-driven trucks or even helicopters, driving both costs further and polluting the area.
With the new electric Kalk AP, rangers are equipped with a power kit and solar panels from solar power, to supply the bikes with renewable power.

The off-road bike is based on the original Kalk platform, developed and modified between rangers and the CAKE product team, for anti-poaching purposes. The name of the bike is Kalk AP (Anti-Poaching), which as mentioned, is a special edition Kalk that has been redefined and optimized for rangers working to protect wildlife in the harsh conditions of the African bush. CAKE call the initiative; Electric Bush Bike Anti-Poaching Act, which aims to help organizations in Africa combat the devastating effects of poaching on the continent’s most endangered species. The Kalk AP bike has been developed in tandem with staff at the Southern African Wildlife College to ensure the motorbikes can successfully serve rangers in their work. Later this year, the CAKE Kalk AP will enter field operations when the SAWC begins formally testing and utilizing the motorcycles with the associated Goal Zero solar kits as part of its educational curriculum and training. Furthermore, thanks to the partner Trifilon, CAKE could change all fenders and other plastic parts on the bike into a material made in natural fibre reinforced biocomposite.

Everything we do is made of high quality. We have chosen to build every single part from scratch to secure the quality and achieve our goals for design, lightweight and performance. The material supports a long-lasting lifecycle, to support our mission towards a zero-emission society.

Engineered for wildlife conservation areas. By rangers for rangers.

All power, no compromises!
Light & Powerful: 280Nm of rear-wheel torque, housed in a lightweight chassi, creates a unique power to weight ratio.
Quiet: The Kalk combines leading lightweight and sturdiness at maximum performance. No pollution, no disturbance. Explore with respect.
Clean: Electric drivetrain means zero emissions of carbon dioxide from riding. It also means that you can forget about fumes, oil changes, and filling up fuel.
Fenders & Bodywork
Recycled fibre-reinforced plastic from Trifilon in fenders and covers.

Drivetrain: Plenty of power, whisper silent performance.

Chain/Belt: 420 chain with O-ring

Electric motor: Interior permanent magnet motor

Front sprocket: 12 teeth

Nominal power: 5,8kW

Peak power: 11kW, Rear sprocket

80 teeth, Torque (motor axle), 42Nm

Type: Direct drive, chain

No compromises: Everything, from frame, to wheels, components, suspension and drive train have been specifically engineered and manufactured to reach the intended level of performance in riding, durability and overall quality.

The weight aspect is one. A dramatic reduction in weight, compared to a regular combustion bike, enables snappy and lively rides. The electric drivetrain makes riding more accessible for everyone regardless of their physical condition and experience. Everyone can comfortably handle the bike. The fact that it’s almost completely silent boosts the riding experience and serves for the absolute presence and focus while out exploring. It also enhances the level of respect towards our surroundings and those sharing the space with us!

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