The Ocean Cleanup Sunglasses

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The Ocean Cleanup has been doing the imperative for the health of our oceans by developing new and advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic, but they aren’t stopping there: they are also recycling the collected trash and repurposing it into something new, beautiful, and useful.
Through our collective passion and love for the ocean and a deep sense of responsibility to do our part as entrepreneurs and designers.

fuseproject and The Ocean Cleanup collaborated to develop a sunglass design made directly from Pacific Ocean plastics using Boyan Slat’s innovative retrieval system.

Product Detail
A core goal for the TOC glasses was to be easily distinguishable from other sunglasses and identify the wearer as part of a tribe that cares about the cause. We looked at a variety of approaches that would achieve this, but ultimately we designed a hinge that would stand out and creates a visual signature that is recognizable from afar.

Nearly all eyewear hinges disappear when being worn, we deconstructed the hinge and put it on the outside. We paired this innovative hinge with a classically flattering frame design and eye-catching accents that offer universal appeal and an aesthetic that anyone can be proud of. For those that contributed to the success of this project, it was important to create a confident and classic look.

fuseproject was founded in 1999 by Swiss designer, entrepreneur and educator, Yves Béhar. The multidisciplinary design studio collaborates with partners globally to deliver category-changing products and experiences in areas ranging from mobility, healthcare, robotics, beauty, consumer goods, the home, and beyond. Notable fuseproject collaborations include innovative partnerships with Herman Miller, TELO Trucks, Samsung, Prada, Intuition Robotics, CIONIC, Puma, Issey Miyake, SodaStream, Nivea, L'Oreal, and The Ocean Cleanup. fuseproject's work is in museums worldwide, including the MoMA, V&A,

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