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The VAAST R/1 is an exciting, aero-inspired Super Magnesium road bike. Light, fast, strong, resilient, and more sustainably made than other bikes in the category, the R/1 is the perfect utilitarian ride with an appetite for speed, well-suited for the eco-minded cyclist.
With a weight and performance other non-ferrous metal frames can’t achieve, the 1250g Allite Super Magnesium frame is meticulously crafted with progressive geometry that results in the perfect fit for any rider.
Utilizing VAAST’s V-Fit parameters for comfort and control, the head and seat tube angles are carefully chosen to place the rider in an optimal, confident position and ensure proper trail for neutral steering geometry.
While the R/1 adopts the use of V-Fit technology like its award-winning A/1 predecessor, unlike the A/1, the R/1 tube profiles re-imagine Super Magnesium capabilities, resulting in a 30% aerodynamic performance gain over conventional round tube frames.
Our exclusive use of Allite Super Magnesium results in a bike that is lighter, stiffer, stronger, more shock-absorbent, and profoundly better than those made with other conventional materials, delivering a remarkably comfortable fit and feel.

Being lighter, stronger and stiffer than Aluminum, the R/1’s Allite Super Magnesium frame has excellent shock absorption properties, electromagnetic shielding performance and heat dissipation.

Considered the most eco-friendly and sustainable metal in the world, Magnesium is 100% recyclable, dissolves naturally leaving no trace, and has practically unlimited natural reserves.

Magnesium also requires less energy to shape and machine compared to other metals, and helps us fulfil our commitment to designing better performing, more accessible, sustainable, and earth-friendly bikes.

From launch, VAAST has promote the responsible use of materials and riding in all its forms. We were also the first bike brand to use 100% fiber-based, plastic-free packaging.

The company is a member of Green America and Green Business Bureau and we choose sustainability in every link of the value chain. In partnership with Green Worldwide Shipping, we are able to further mitigate our impact on the planet by engaging in carbon offset programs that reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions – or an increase in carbon storage (for example, through tree planting) – to compensate for emissions that occur elsewhere.

Product Detail
VAAST Bikes is the first to use Allite Super Magnesium all its frames, including the R/1.

This high-strength alloy features excellent shock absorption properties, weighs 70% less than steel, 50% less than Titanium and 33% less than aluminum. It’s also 56% stronger than Titanium, 21% stronger than Aluminium, and 17% stronger than Steel.

Through the exclusive use of this eco-friendly metal, we have achieved a ride like no other. Efficient power transfer makes for easier climbing, improved shock absorption neutralizes road buzz, while the frame weight is rivaled only by Carbon Fiber.

Before paint, our R/1 frames are treated with a Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation coating that produces a hard, dense finish optimized to provide corrosion protection, wear resistance, improved hardness, strain tolerance, improved fatigue performance, and a better bonding surface for durably cool colors and effects.

Our V-Fit parameters on the R/1 also do more than just fit your body type and size; they create an improved posture that results in a more confident approach.

Combining V-Fit with our exclusive Super Magnesium frames delivers a remarkably comfortable fit and feel.

The R/1 is available with three different groupset options. The R/1 105 (which comes in Morpho Blue) delivers the smooth dependability of Shimano’s storied 105 groupset, the R/1 Ultegra (available in Black Cherry) brings a legacy of Shimano’s competition performance, while the R/1 Force AXS (in Moonstone White) offers SRAM’s super smooth, more productive eTap shifting, an integrated aero cockpit, and refined geometry.

All three groupset options complement the unmatched qualities only a Super Magnesium frame can deliver, resulting in a seriously formidable road machine.

Every bike is produced in sizes XS (49cm), S (52cm), M (54cm), L 56cm), XL (58cm) and XXL (60cm) with a frame weight of just 1250g.

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