ArcX Smart Ring

  • Prize
    Winner in Sport Equipment Design
  • Company/Firm
    Arcx Technology
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  • Lead Designer
    Paul Blair
  • Other Designer(s)
    Kumar Bala, Charlie Vernon, Markus Flintrop
  • Manufacturer
    ArcX Technology
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The power of your phone without a screen. Control playlists, take split times and improve workouts. Store your phone in a pocket or backpack, focus on your activity and stay in the zone.

ArcX works right out of the box. Connect in seconds to smartphones, sports cameras, wireless speakers and other devices. Coupled with our intuitive App you can do even more.

Available free on both Android and iOS, the ArcX App provides a host of customisable options and additional features such as a stopwatch, emergency SOS call function as well as the ability to connect with other sports-based Apps.

Existing wearables namely smart rings, sport straps, smartwatches and earbuds don’t solve a basic problem. When used to control music (and other functions) from smartphones - voice, gesture and touch screen interfaces or the small buttons on many wearables do not work effectively or at all in scenarios where the user is breathing hard, travelling at speed (generating wind noise), focused on their activity, wearing gloves and/or using both hands for example when cycling, kayaking or skiing.

ArcX is the only smart ring where the inner technology is interchangeable among a series of different sized, stretch fit outer silicone rings and handlebar mounts so there is no problem for customers choosing the correct size before buying. ArcX is the only smart ring that can be worn with or without gloves giving intuitive one-handed control. Connect via Bluetooth to any smartphone. Wear it on your index finger and use your thumb to control your device simply and easily, even when wearing gloves.

The ArcX Smart Ring is a micro joystick contained inside a water and shock proof tech module. The durable plastic tech module is interchangeable among different sized outer silicone rings, handlebar and watch strap mounts.

The ArcX Smart Ring is a unisex ring sold in a pack of five stretch fit rings: extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. The tech module when inserted into a silicone ring weighs just 9g. The ArcX smart ring is waterproof to IP 67 standard with 5 days battery life under normal usage and 20 days stand by on a single charge. The tech module takes just 60 minutes to charge and is available with black, blue and orange outer rings and mounts.

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