Wearx - 3D seamless in athletic long sleeve shirts

  • Prize
    Winner in Sportswear Design
  • Company/Firm
    Yiwu Wanxing Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Lead Designer
    Jian Yu
  • Other Designer(s)
    Yiting Chen, Ruomeng Gao, Yue Wang, Jiasong Wang, Mingjun Chen
  • Design Status

By combining various innovative details and eco-friendly antibacterial materials, WEARX functional sportswear gains optimal adaptability to sports. For example, it provides targeted local stimulation based on the acupuncture points of traditional Chinese medicine, to coordinate muscle groups and relieve muscle stress during exercise. The perspiration quick-drying design and breathable three-dimensional structure jointly help users keep body temperature constant when exercising. The fully degradable antimicrobial materials used minimize the carbon footprint of the product life cycle.

The innovative knitting technology - customized 3D structure fully meet the needs of different body parts. The airflow regulation in the abdomen shaping area precisely controls the temperature to avoid irritation of sensitive nerve fibers in the upper abdomen. The curved 3D structure paired with the intelligent seam compression technology perfectly wraps the muscle group in the waist and abdomen, conducing to protection from injury and body shaping.

The WEARX - 3D seamlessin athletic long sleeve shirt aims to offer users a pleasant sport experience. It adopts skin-friendly chitosan fiber as the main material to enhance anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties as well as sweat absorption and moisturizing function. The material can be naturally degraded without damage caused to environment.

Conforming to ergonomics, the vertical straps, elastic rib collar and stretchy shoulder straps can be well stretched to prevent malposition of function areas.

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