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    Winner in Sportswear Design
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    MAS Holdings (Pvt) Ltd
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    EUR 120
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The Bra is produced in an ISO 14001(environmental management system) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety management) certified manufacturing plant. The product primarily leverages circular knit technology as a manufacturing process to minimize yarn waste and optimize on product standardization and time. The process involves recycled Nylon yarn blended with spandex, which is sourced from an external supplier, to be directly spun into turbular forms. This process allows for smaller batches of production in a just-in-time manner, eliminated the entire fabric processing time thus enabling a lean process of production. The technology also allows for versatility in garment texturization, The bra incorporates a multi surface texture design which is applied directly to the garment during the knitting process. After being knitted the knitted forms are dyed in plant, the dyeing process is water-intensive but the manufacturing plant treats the water used to allow for the recycling of water and thus reduces impact. As a final process the Bra goes through a minimal cut and sew process for the completion of the product.

Designed to converge sustainability into a wearable using seamless technology integration, resulting in a product where fitness, muscle recovery and sustainability meet.

The RE:ACTIVE Bra embeds eco design considerations by using recycled material, a low-waste circular knit manufacturing process and a low- impact dying process to reduce impact, while incorporating modularity to disassemble its electronics and enable circularity at the end of of life. The RE:ACTIVE Bra leverages circular knit technology to create a fully knit medium support Bra with breathability, to provide fit and comfort.
By seamlessly integrating the Phoenix by MAS’ patent pending active heating platform, the Bra contains a user-configurable active heating system which offers users pain relief, muscle recovery and comfort during and after a sports experience.

A fully knitted, multifaceted smart Bra using heating for recovery and relief, which enables athletes and active females to unlock maximum potential and support an active lifestyle. The garment leverages Phoenix by MAS’ patent-pending active heating technology, offering 3 heat settings which is user-controlled and powered using a direct power pack module. The objective is to support fitness and muscle recovery whilst promoting sustainability.

The RE:ACTIVE bra is designed with eco considerations in mind to minimize environmental impact. The garment uses waste as feedstock in it’s main material, while leveraging a low-waste circular knit manufacturing process and employing modular design to disassemble electronic components and enable circularity through the recycling of the textile fibre component- at the end of it’s life.

Form Factor - Mid-support Bra
Sizing - Available in S, M, L
Color - Black, Hot Pink

Designed to offer users relief from chronic shoulder pain and enable muscle recovery during and after a sporting experience. The RE:ACTIVE Bra was developed to promote performance and well-being whilst alleviating pain and thereby stress.

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