• Prize
    Winner in Sport Equipment Design / Snowsports
  • University
    Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
  • Lead Designer
    Jose Flores
  • Professor Credit
    Mauricio Loyola and Pablo Alfaro
  • Contributor(Other)
    Francisco Flores. Vidalina Díaz Canto, Reinaldo Lippi, Klaus Conrads, Toto Huerta.
  • Photo Credit
    Pedro Rogosic and Vicente Cerda
  • Design Status

The Hybrid-Vest is a fusion between a vest and a 45 lt backpack, without either losing its functionality. So you can use a backpack with a vest on without it losing its functionality, since when used separately, the backpack straps block the main pockets of the vest. This concept is created for ski patrols, however it can be scaled to different types of skiers, sports or occupations.

The backpack is attached to the vest through magnetic buckles that are at shoulder height and 50 mm buckles at hip height.

These can be easily separated thanks to the buckles system, in approximately 2 or 3 seconds you can have the backpack in your hands without having to take off your vest.

Then, to put the backpack back on, the backpack is placed on the back and the upper straps have this attached to the touch with the magnets that the vest has so that it is easy and quick to put on, and after that, all that remains is to adjust the buckles Of the waist.

The innovation of this product is focused on being able to have a vest with a backpack that can be joined and separated in a matter of seconds thanks to the magnetic buckles.

This design is unique, although there are similar products but none that is more innovative than the Hybrid-Vest. The most direct competition is a vest with a built-in backpack and these cannot be separated and the moxhila only reaches 15 lt.

Also, thanks to the innovation of the skeleton of the vest all this can also work, otherwise the vest could not fulfill the function of holding the backpack.

Product Detail
The composition of the hybrid-vest is through a backpack and a vest.

This backpack is 45 lt, focused on the mountain. It has 2 main
compartments, the outside one is a first aid kit, and the indistinct is for personal stuff. All with ykk zippers.The backpack is secured to vest via top 2 straps with magnetic buckle and 2 bottom straps with 50mm buckles, which also have pockets to carry more things.
Materials: Duratex® 600D Black, Duratex® 1000D Black, Hipora® Polydry Black Plus, ZippersYKK

The vest is made up of 2 layers, the inner one is a layer called thermoheat that maintains heat and an outer layer called Hippertex Rip-Stop 10k that is waterproof and breathable. The vest has 3 pockets, recco system and accessories such as badge holder, pencil holder and reflective tape.

In order for the vest to hold a 45-lt backpack and to carry more than 15 kilos, the skeleton of the vest was created, which is made of 50mm tape that surrounds the body from the waist and shoulders as if they were suspenders. These can be adjusted through two snaps at the height of the stomach (50mm) and chest (25mm), and thus the skeleton remains fixed to the body and can hold the backpack without any hassle.

For now there is only the prototype that was made to measure for this contest. However, the plans are to create different vest sizes for different users and also a line for women skiers.

This product, despite being focused on ski patrols, can be adapted to other skiers according to their needs. For example, making different backpack sizes, changing its functions and making it not a first-aid kit, but rather, it can be focused on the randonee, mountain cameramen or simply for a resort skier.

In addition, it could be scaled to other mountain sports or occupations such as the military.

I’m 24 years old, I study 2 degrees and also I’m a ski patrol and a ski instructor

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