• Prize
    Winner in Sport Equipment Design
  • University
    University of Houston
  • Lead Designer
    Akanksha Bhatia
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Nautis is a single person sailboat that prioritizes portability, simplicity , and sustainability through materials and structures. It is focused on the single sailor that enjoys traveling or has a small space for storage. It breaks down a sailboat into its most fundamental parts and allows for easy set up and disassembly as well as a lightweight option for the sailor.

The square top sail helps further the aerodynamics and hydrodynamics of the boat as it other ones lack speed during slower winds. An aluminum mast retracts like tent poles and the boat is lined with aluminum fairing . There are two main folds across the horizontal of the boat. This will allow the boat to reduce to a compact size of 3’ x 3.4’ x 2.5’ allowing it to fit in a compact SUV for easy portability. The sail and other fixings will fit in the open space between the folds. To hold it all together, the bungee cord will wrap tightly around the folded sailboat. It allows for one person alone to set up and does not need any additional tools to do so.

Nautis is a single person sailboat made from coroplast, a sustainable poly-propylene corrugated plastic that lasts up to 27 years with folding. In manufacturing, almost every part of the sheet will be used to create the shape of the sailboat. The boat itself will be 4’ x 7’ x 2.5’ when unfolded. The mainsail is made of Dacron and is raised to a height of 11’. The mast is made of aluminum and so is the fairing around the boat.

This product is applicable for a single user.
The folded model is 3’ x 3.4’ x 2.5’
The made sailboat is 4’ x 7’ x 2.5’
The height of the mast is 11'
It weighs approximately 30lbs
Set up time: 10-15 mins

  • FIT Seal