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    Winner in Sport Equipment Design / Fitness & Gymnastic
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    Heba Pilates Ltd.
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    Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) Ltd
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    Heba Pilates Ltd
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    Heba Pilates Ltd
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The Nuforma has reinvented the Pilates exercise machine. Using a host of contemporary techniques and technologies, it delivers a broader range of exercises in an easier, more flowing, more intuitive, and personalised way.
The Nuforma allows users to follow the ‘Heba Journey’ or select individual sessions with a simple touch. It’s also a portal to a vast library of content and benchmark tests. The catalogue of content is streamed seamlessly to the Nuforma via the high-definition wide touch screen. You are fully in control.
Intuitive and intelligent, the Nuforma presents the users session on a wide, HD screen and through directional, parametric speakers or via Bluetooth headphones.
Set up and adjustment of the Nuforma is simple, so users spend more time exercising and less time readjusting the machine or being distracted by springs and equipment.
Settings can be adjusted to fit user’s needs exactly. Advanced systems combine to offer a holistic choice of resistance and assistance, providing a huge variety of possible movements, users are working on specific techniques or increasing the intensity of their workouts

Numerous innovations in one product:
• A complete rethink on the style of Pilates Reformers. Traditional equipment deters involvement, the Nuforma invites user engagement.
•The first Pilates Bench to incorporate weights and spring, allowing users to train with resistance that is independent of movement or proportional to movement.
• Foldaway mechanism with a range of floor exercises to complete when the Pilates Bench is up.
• An interactive screen with connected speakers / Bluetooth connectivity guides users through a wide range of recommended routines.
• Innovative Foot Bar feature, users can hold the bar at three selectable heights to work against. This feature unlocks a whole new array of exercise routines that are not currently possible on competitor Pilates benches.
• The range of fore and aft movement on the Pilates Bench is 2400mm; this is the greatest range available on the market.
• The Carriage is larger than any other reformer Pilates Carriage, accommodating a wide range of body types seated or standing on it. This provides a more stable platform that other Pilates Benches, increasing the exercises achievable plus user confidence & enjoyment.

Product Detail
The product is constructed in two assemblies; the Pilates Bench and Weights Frame. The Bench is a powder coated aluminium structure with ergonomic wood façade. The bench has moving composite Carriages that are covered with a supportive foam designed for supporting exercise activities.
The Weights Frame is a powder coated steel structure with wood and plastic facades. The Weights Frame includes an interactive monitor and speakers. There are two sets of independent weights on either side of the Weights Frame. 5kg to 40kg are selectable for each side. Users can select to lift the weights using pullies at the top or bottom of the Weights Frame. The pullies have a selection of different attachable handles to suit a range of exercises and user requirements. The weights are accessible in both horizontal and vertical (Pilates Bench folded up) orientations.
The Weights Frame includes a Foot Bar, this is a 2.75in bend tube with a foam coating. The tube can be set at three heights by the user. The tube allows users to stabilise themselves for some routines and work against the bar for others e.g. performing ‘horizontal pull ups’ using the Carriage movement.

Users stand or sit on an 800mm by 600mm travelling Carriage, designed using a composite construction to support up to 130kg.The bench is attached to a Weights Frame by means of an innovative rotating joint. This rotation allows the Pilates Bench to fold into the Weights Frame. The Weights Frame is 2400mm high and is securely connected to the ground & wall. Gas struts makes folding up the Bench easily achievable by users of all strength.
In the horizontal (bench folded down) arrangement, springs can be connected to the Carriage at either end of the Pilates Bench, to resist the Carriage movement. There are three different spring stiffness, these allow a large range of selectable resistances. This range is to accommodate different exercise requirements and user strength requirements.

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