Spiral (Tennis Machine)

  • Prize
    Winner in Sport Equipment Design
  • University
    University of Houston
  • Lead Designer
    Luis Valdes
  • Professor Credit
    Elham Morshedzadeh
  • Photo Credit
    Luis Valdes
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Spiral uses a long compactable curving path to feed the balls into the ball launcher. To the right of the device is a removable backpack attached to the main plastic body in which tennis balls and other tennis equipment can be stored. The collapsible spiral can be transported easily by strapping it down which also acts as the attachment. The device features a lights system that students can use to practice timing and footwork.

The Spiral Tennis Machine uses new ways to compact and store tennis balls over any other beginner-level tennis machines on the market, the product can be transported easily and improves affordability by using fabric and metal wire over multiple heavy plastic molds typical of similar tennis serving machines.

The main body would be made of a high-impact plastic such as ABS. The color of the track would be a basic green to match the lightness and distinguished color of the tennis balls. The rest of the body would be various shades of black and grey. A durable fabric such as Econyl can be used for the bag. A mesh fabric covering would be used on the outside of the steel wire spiral so people would be able to see the balls rolling down the track, something many described as a delight in other tennis machines.

1 foot 5.2 inches in length.
1 foot 1.7 inches in width.
2 feet 1.12 inches in maximum height.
1 foot 6.8 inches in height when collapsed.

11 to 13 pounds in weight.

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