BRUT bag

  • Prize
    Winner in Sport Equipment Design
  • University
    La Tourrache
  • Lead Designer
    Marion Maurer & Stella Manouba
  • Professor Credit
    Yan Thiebold
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BRUT is a hiking backpack project with innovative features that aims to free movement and facilitate access to equipment.

In designing this product, our main goal was to improve and facilitate access to the hiker's gear.
All hikers have faced a waste of time looking for equipment in a bag whose storage was poorly organized.

Designed to follow the skeleton's shapes, its materials and conception allow all the necessary body movements for hiking through its flexibility and ergonomics.

The Brut bag is made of a base combining hemp fabric and carbon fiber in order to provide a good rigidity and a correct support.

A set of recycled polycarbonate boxes intended to store food and personal belongings will be attached to the lower part of the bag using magnets.

The upper part of the bag is dedicated to storing clothes or other textiles in a large expandable pocket in Polyethylene terephthalate. A waterproof coating will be added to this material, and a silicone shell will encompass and hold the load of clothing over the pocket.

The bag closes and adjusts with regular straps and has several pockets on the front in order to make everything handy, including the elements in the back.

The bag can be adjusted using straps like any other type of backpack. It is thus suitable for any type of morphology. On the other hand, it is not suitable for all types of outdoor activities.
It is specially designed for hiking.
It is strongly recommended to respect the storage organization in order to establish a good weight distribution and to maintain a good balance. (For example, do not store heavy items such as food and water at the top of the bag).
Brut bag has no artificial colours, it is the colors of the materials in their pure state. A precise work was therefore carried out in the choice of materials in order to homogenize the overall appearance of the bag.

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