• Prize
    Winner in Sport Equipment Design / Equestrian Sports
  • University
    Purdue University
  • Lead Designer
    Madeline McLaughlin
  • Professor Credit
    Cheryl Zhenyu Qian
  • Design Status

At the start of a ride, the users begin by placing the posture sensor on the the back collar of their clothing. This will allow the sensor to detect changes in the user's posture if they lean forwards or backwards. The sensor will detect changes in posture using a vibrating structure gyroscope, which is a similar technology that smartphones use to detect when the phone is being rotated. This information can then be sent to the app via Bluetooth. The app's main function is to aid young riders by tracking their improvements over time and offering advice on how to ride more safely and effectively. The app will also provide users with reminders to make sure they are using the proper equipment and are checking the weather for proper riding conditions. The app will also come with important safety features such as an emergency SOS signal that will allow the users to alert their instructors if their horse ever wanders off the trail.

The SaddlUp app and sensor kit is an innovative yet practical way to make horseback riding more accessible to young riders, helping riders to improve their posture and balance while riding. Horseback riding provides many benefits to children, helping them improve their mood, their balance, and their self-esteem all while bonding with an animal. The problem is that horseback riding requires good posture or else there is a risk of the rider damaging their spine. Existing products may help new riders learn how to sit on the horse, but only SaddlUp provides real-time feedback to help users improve their posture as they ride. Simply attach the sensor to the collar of a shirt using the magnetic clip and then connect the sensor to the app via Bluetooth. Hit 'Start Ride' on the app, and then start riding! The sensor will track the rider's posture and provide simple haptic feedback via vibrations to alert the user when they need to change their posture. The app will track the rider's posture throughout the ride and provide them with a full report at the end so users can track their progress over time.

Product Detail
There are two components to the SaddlUp product -- the app and the sensor. The sensor is approximately 9x6x1 cm and is made out of a smooth, hard plastic. The sensor and app communicate with each other via Bluetooth. The sensor attaches to the back of clothing using magnetic clips, allowing it to securely attach without damaging clothes or being uncomfortable for those with sensory issues.

The sensor is approximately 9x6x1 cm. The sensor only comes in white and orange to match the aesthetic of the app. The app is designed using blues and oranges, due to the calming nature of blue tones and the rustic "farm feel" of the orange tones, creating a modern yet colorful aesthetic.

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