• Prize
    Winner in Sport Equipment Design / Exercices Sports
  • University
    L'École De Design Nantes Atlantique
  • Lead Designer
    Lauryne Houndji
  • Other Designer(s)
    Isabel Drumwright & Marine Dufaux
  • Design Status
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CareFit is a connected fitness bracelet and mobile application that lets users track their fitness performance and control how their health data is used — all in order to make a difference in the health community. Users get to see which research studies we send their de-identified data to, as well as see the direct impact of their study participation. This health data would include users’ physical activity, heart rate, oxygen levels, and other useful information, with the users’ consent. Regular study updates and information about the research team and study are accessible within the app. The app also has a reward system that generates coins (Care coins or Cc), the more the user works out. Care coins can be used to donate to the charity of the user’s choice, among the selection provided in-app. CareFit users see a dashboard to view their latest impact, a leaderboard to measure progress amongst friends, and organizations to donate their Care coins to. CareFit users feel proud not only of their own fitness progress, but also of the greater impact they make every time they participate in a study or donate to a charity.

Existing connected fitness bracelets allow users to track their workouts, but fail to show how exactly their health data is being used and how it can greatly benefit health research. According to a 2021 Q-Centrix survey, 60% of respondents did not know how their health data is being used, but 71% would be open to sharing de-identified health data. At CareFit, we are letting users take control of their own data while improving themselves and society. Looking forward, big data in healthcare is estimated to be worth $81.3 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 18.2%, according to a 2021 Market Research Futures report. This immense market growth paves way for a transformative way of thinking about data usage for good, which is why CareFit was designed. We want to change the idea of data sharing to be an act that is beneficial and constructive, as a way to help others. With this increase in user health data collected by CareFit, partner researchers would have access to more comprehensive population health data to better find treatments and prevent outbreaks.

Product Detail
CareFit bracelets are made from TPU rubber to give users a comfortable wearing experience. TPU is durable to last throughout the product’s usage. This material is lightweight, flexible, easy to clean, sweat/rain/waterproof, and designed for high intensity workouts. It is also 100% recyclable and biodegradable in 3-5 years. When the user connects the bracelet to their smartphone, an embedded purple LED light turns on and reflects on the user’s skin. A heart rate monitor, battery, sensor, and bluetooth chip are built in to sync real-time health statistics during the user’s workout. CareFit bracelets feature a magnetic clasp that is adjustable to the user’s wrist size and is easy to put on. The asymmetrical design represents our dynamism. The two parts joining together like puzzle pieces, along with the sound of the clasp, emphasize a sense of community and mutual support.

CareFit bracelets feature an adjustable magnetic band that fits a wide range of wrist sizes. The perimeter is between 13 and 21 cm, and the width is 3 cm. The weight is approximately 10 grams.

The bracelets blend seamlessly onto the wrist, offered in five colors based on various skin tones. The contrasting purple LED light within the bracelet glows on the skin. Purple represents strength, power, innovation, and is gender neutral to fit all of our users.

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