Infinyfit 130

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    Winner in Sport Equipment Design
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    Philippe Crevits
  • Other Designer(s)
    Patrice Bonneau
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Infinyfit is a workout and fitness device. It was founded on the idea of bodyweights training that allows you to exercise in a complete and progressive way.
Light, compact and foldable, it is designed in a way that is easy to use.

There are multiple materials used in the making of the product which make it light, stable, and aesthetic (combination of wood, metal and thermoplastics).
The product responds to many needs, and it has found its place in people’s homes thanks to its mobility and versatility. It equally attracts sports and fitness professionals who use it as a mobile gym and is an innovative piece of equipment for gym to invest in. It is also used by health professionals such as physiotherapist due to its flexibility in use as they can tailor the exercises on the individual.
The price is €889, and it’s designed and made in France.
There are other services included such as the Infinyfit coaching mobile application and further training related to becoming an independent coach.

The intelligent design and aesthetic of Infinyfit responds to a real need for everyday people, sports professionals, and people in many other fields (coaching, health, and well-being).
Thanks to its compact nature, its mobility and the possibility of progression, Infinyfit has opened a new perspective in the arena of bodyweights training.
The choice of materials, its foldability and locking mechanisms make it a unique product in the market which is demonstrated by its patent technology.

- Structure: Painted steel
- Side panels: Multilayer wood with resistant melamine finish (colours: black, transparent or white depending on the version). Easy maintenance. Raw songs.

◾ Available in 2 colours: black or wood
◾ User weight: 130kg maximum
◾ Device weight: 21 kg
◾ Dimensions of use:
- pull-up bar height: 2m or 2m06
- dip bar height: 1.1m
- dip width: Between 50cm and 68cm depending on your grip position
◾ Dimensions unfolded:
- Maximum height: 2m11
- maximum width: 90cm
- depth: 1m
◾ Dimensions folded:
- Height: 1m13
- Width: 70cm
- Depth: 20cm

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