• Prize
    Winner in Sport Equipment Design
  • Lead Designer
    Rex Emmanuel (Rico) Alfaras
  • Design Status

Utility is an athleisure footwear concept design with the intention of using sustainable sources and avoiding the use of adhesives. Consisting of only five components that includes the laces, upper, midsole, harness and outer shell. Each component can be acquired from different places and can be assembled or disassembled with minimum manpower required. It is inspired by nature in the way it uses sustainable materials packaged altogether in an organic yet urban aesthetic.

The single 3D knitted piece upper is made with recycled low melt polyester which can be molded to conform on any last shape. Due to the material's pliable nature it allows users to have their own foot shape scanned using LiDAR technology to make their own pair fit perfectly. The economical method of 3D knitting reduces material waste instead of laser cutting excess parts that is found in the conventional knitted upper method.

The midsole is an ETPU foam which consists of nitrogen infused pellets. Giving a responsive and absorbent feel on every step without bottoming out for an extensive amount of time. The nitrogen used in the foam is derived from agricultural sources to help minimise the nitrogen output on cattle farms.

The modular construction of the shoe is made of the following five components with their materials:

• Recycled low melt polyester upper
• Biobased ballistic nylon harness
• ETPU + recycled nitrogen midsole
• Biobased EVA outer shell

• Mens footwear
• Navy green upper
• Light Brown outer shell
• Dark red laces
• White midsole

  • FIT Seal