• Prize
    Winner in Sport Equipment Design
  • University
    University of Houston
  • Lead Designer
    Diego Romero
  • Professor Credit
    Morshedzadeh, Elham
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Visually Impaired Para-athletes who compete in track competitions are categorized by their level of vision. T11 category athletes are required to wear blackout goggles that allow zero light in. But there's no available product designed specifically for this use case, resulting in athletes having to wear a sleeping mask or DIY blacked-out sunglasses. This often results in athletes being unconformable or distracted in completion. STRIDE SIGHT is a dedicated black-out goggles and running aid that allows the runners to become more confident and independent with the sport. STRIDE SIGHT gives the users haptic and audio feedback to ensure they stay in their lane. This allows the users to be their own superheroes.

STRIDE SIGHT is aimed at visually impaired track runners who before this concept, have no intentionally designed black-out goggles. T11 track runners have to wear blackout goggles at all levels of competition to retain an equal playing field. But since there is no dedicated product for this, runners resort to competing in modified sleeping masks and sunglasses which can be distracting and dangerous. STRIDE SIGHT not only solves these issues but introduces an innovation in how these runners run, it features a lane detection system that provides the runners with audio and haptic feedback. This allows the runners to stay on course without full dependence on a guide. The technology is based on a simple computer vision line following system as seen on a larger scale, with modern car lane assist systems.

STRIDE SIGHTS 2 piece frame is made from an injection molded abs plastic. Its strap is composed of flexible nylon strapping. The removable foam padding is attached with 3m velcro. The camera lens cover and lens are polycarbonate. The Front shell houses all the internal components and they are held in place by the rear shell.

STRIDE SIGHT comes in 3 initial colorways, all inspired by superheroes. But the separate pieces and texture options leave the door open to customization for the individual or a team. STRIDE SIGHT is available in 3 standard sizes Small Medium and Large. The sizes are based on national human head ergonomic sizing.

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