• Prize
    Winner in Sport Equipment Design
  • University
    Hochschule Pforzheim
  • Lead Designer
    Emma Ehrenberg
  • Professor Credit
    Prof. Thomas Gerlach
  • Photo Credit
    Emma Ehrenberg
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Håb thinks the handball shoe in new dimensions and moves away from the usual parameters of shoe selection. Instead of only paying attention to size and fit, the shoe is now much more individual to the athlete. At the same time, the playing position of the athlete now determines the selection of the shoe type. Since the field positions in the sport of handball are too different, three shoes were developed, each designed specifically for the positions winger, backcourt and pivot. The shoe creates all this through its new division into three parts. The shoe is split into a sock, an outer shoe and the sole. All three components are individually designed for the athlete and his position.
The sock is used for stabilization as well as therapy and prevention of injuries. It replaces the widely used taping and is capable of treating various ailments. Furthermore, it provides space for the resin. The outer shoe serves as the actual "shoe" and connects all three parts. It includes a new type of lacing system, which is operated by a pull on the back strap. The sole is made up of several layers and signals the athlete when to change the sole with a shift in color in the event of heavy usage.

Håb is a concept that reinterprets the tasks of the shoe in handball sport. Furthermore, the selection of the shoe now depends on the athlete's respective playing position, as in-depth research has shown that the requirement profiles of the positions are just too different to develop only one handball shoe for every position and still serve all needs optimally. Other special features of the shoe are the triangular shaped outer edge, which is supposed to prevent the athlete from twisting ankle while moving fast, and the strap on the inside of the foot, which guarantees maximum grip.

Due to its innovative structure in three parts, the håb hanbdall shoe is able to deal with anatomical particularities and the injury history of the individual players and treat them preventively and therapeutically. This also offers the advantage that the individual parts can be exchanged independently of one another, which reduces unnecessary renewal and waste. In addition, the sole of the håb shoe is laid out in several color layers, which suggests the player when the sole of the shoe should be replaced in order to prevent unnecessary waste of material and health hazards for the player.

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I'm Emma, 23 yrs old, currently working and living in Munich while doing my final semester of my Bachelors in Industrial Design at HS Pforzheim.
I am most enthusiastic about any sport, I play handball myself, go boxing and prefer to spend my time during the winter offslope on my board with some fresh powder snow or on the bike during the summer time.
Therefore, I am also extremely interested in sports products of any kind. It inspires me how equipment lets the athlete go to his personal limits and beyond. I want to contribute to this and reach new performance levels with my concepts.

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