• Prize
    Winner in Sport Equipment Design
  • University
    Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
  • Lead Designer
    Achyut Ashok Shanbhag
  • Professor Credit
    Prof. Pankaj Upadhyay
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ICEHEAL is a medical device designed to help post-injury rehabilitation by giving both hot and cold effects required for muscle conditioning. Current hot and cold therapy products heavily rely on ice and hot water. This makes them difficult to use as carrying, storing and maintaining ice and hot water can be troublesome. ICEHEAL uses an electronic system that produces a hot and cold effect ranging from 2°C to 55°C without using ice, hot water, or any external heating or cooling unit. The cold effect curtails injury expansion by reducing the speed of blood circulation, while the heating effect relaxes tense muscles & increases the range of motion. The silicon body-adaptive surface is used to translate the TEC temperature to the human body. You can use Iceheal with Belt accessories to provide constant compression & uniform pressure to cover the large body surface.
ICEHEAL provides effective pain relief therapy with just one click to save crucial time and enable athletes to push their limits. Iceheal is your perfect partner in pre and post-workouts.

ICEHEAL is a portable rehabilitation device for quick pain relief & muscle conditioning. ICEHEAL delivers instant cold therapy (2-15°C) and hot therapy (40-55°C) with just a single click without using ice, hot water, or any external heating or cooling unit.
Despite the ice and hot water being efficient solutions to treat muscle injuries, the products in the market are bulky and focused on either hot or cold therapy. Problems in handling and maintaining the ice and hot water are the main reason people ignore proper rehabilitation.
With the palm-sized product, you can get cold therapy anytime, anywhere. Unlike the existing products, Iceheal gives results within seconds. ICEHEAL eliminates any troublesome handling or maintaining of ice or hot water. Initially developed for athletes, this portable device can equally aim at the muscle problems of senior citizens and people with muscle conditions.
Often unknowingly, users tend to overuse the product, which concerns the physiotherapists. Inbuilt sensors turn off the device after 20 mins (time required for an effective therapy). ICEHEAL comes with a wireless charger and compression belt to help users experience it even while moving.

ICEHEAL is a portable device that provides instant hot & cold therapy required for muscle conditioning by eliminating the dependency on ice or hot water. ICEHEAL uses a Thermo-electric Cooler (TEC) that creates the temperature difference by transferring heat between two electric junctions. A rechargeable 12V lithium polymer battery powers this TEC. A central button allows you to choose the mode & intensity of the therapy & embedded lighting will indicate the ongoing process. Air vents & designed assembly of fans and heatsink (aluminum) provide the necessary air circulation. ICEHEAL uses polycarbonate as a product material as it has an effective thermal resistance. Considering the thermal conductivity & body adaptive nature, the silicon surface is used to apply the therapy on the human body. You can connect the device to the ICEHEAL mobile application to track the therapy session and learn more about rehabilitation therapies.

Inspired by the pebbles, ICEHEAL is a palm-sized product with a circular silicon base. ICEHEAL comes in two sizes (10cm & 15cm diameter). 10cm version (10*10*5.5 cm) is suitable for the smaller & tricky parts like knees, ankles, calves, and shoulders. The 15cm version (15*15*6 cm) is ideal for a larger area like the back & thighs. The scooped patterns on the ICEHEAL provide grip to seamless moving & adequate pressing against the muscle. Air vents are placed, so that gripping won't obstruct heat dissipation. This rehabilitation product is suitable for all athletes of all age groups. ICEHEAL (weight – approx. 700gm) can be used with Belt accessories to provide constant compression. To resonate with the athlete's confidence, we have six intense colors (white, black, blue, turquoise & pink)

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