Low cut Basketball shoe concept

  • Prize
    Winner in Sportswear Design / Ball Sports
  • University
    Fashion Institute Technology. University of New York
  • Lead Designer
    Mohamed FAQUIHI
  • Design Status

As a basketball player, i imagine how it looks like the right shoe for a hooper. I’m not a professional designer, but i do know what do i need to perform well.
In this concept, i tried to put what i know about shoes, and tried to bring a new concept that has some originality, functionality and style. It’s a subjective vision of course.

Introducing Amplitex as a real sustainable solution and use it instead of carbon fiber

Product Detail
My concept is a low cut basketball sneaker, paying hommage to my home country Morocco. This concept is build with usual materials that are used nowadays in the sneakers industry such as TPU, recycled plastic, knit, EVA (or injected phylon, REACT), fuse, PU…
My main focus is how to change using carbon fiber & implement a substitute with the same characteristics, taking in consideration sustainability and costs.

The concept is a unisex, strictly a basketball shoe performance

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