Origin Lacrosse Cleat

  • Prize
    Winner in Sportswear Design / Ball Sports
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design (Scad)
  • Lead Designer
    Benny Goldberg
  • Professor Credit
    Michael Mack
  • Design Status

The Origin Lacrosse Cleat is Inspired by the legend of the first lacrosse game; which was played between the animals of the land and sky.
The story explains that no matter how big or how small, every player has their own abilities and role on the lacrosse field.
The cleat merges the two teams all into one design to give the player the power of both teams.

The Bear paw on the sole represents the Bear's ability to overpower all opposition due to its size.

The turtle's shell on the upper represents how the Turtle withstands blows without stopping.

The Deer's antler is displayed on the upper toe and the hoof on the sole to represent the Deer's speed and agility on the field.

The Eagle's wing which wraps around the player's Achilles represents the Eagle's quick, swift, and precise movements.

The Owl's eye which can be seen on the upper panel represents the owl's keen sight allowing him to keep his eye on the ball.

The hawk's wing wraps around the player's ankle representing the hawk's ability to fly faster than any animal on the field.

The Bats wing is worked into the react midsole representing the hidden talents of players and the unique abilities they can bring to the field.

This cleat is designed to pay homage and respect to the game of lacrosse's Native American roots by telling a story throughout the design.

Product Detail
The Origin Nike lacrosse cleat features a flexible mesh no-slip tongue with a lightweight synthetic leather velcro strap and wing panel to lock in your ankle during play.
The cleat includes Nike flywire and a Nike React foam midsole which is met by a unique Flexible TPU plate on the sole to give the player the most control while cutting up and down the field.
The upper is made up of a coated mesh and a unique turtle shell pattern embossed on leather seen on the side panel.

Designed for Mens & Womens players of all ages.

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