BEEST - Bike Shoes

  • Prize
    Winner in Sportswear Design
  • University
    University of Applied Sciences Berlin
  • Lead Designer
    Leander Westphal
  • Design Status

An allround cycling shoe for everyday use and uncomfortably hot days. This cycling shoe has great performance in mountain biking, free riding and fast riding. The sole is sufficiently stiff to provide improved power transmission while pedaling, but soft enough to be ideal for BMX and freeriding where one wants to feel the pedals under one‘s feet. With its stylish design, the shoe can be worn in daily life as a casual walking shoe. It is comfortably ventilated from all sides and able to be equipped with light cooling plates on especially hot days and heating plates on particulary cold ones, it is ready for any weather.

The shoe has insertable cooling plates that keep the feet pleasantly cool at a temperature of approximately 14°C and for a period of up to 4 hours. The plates are adapted to the shape of the foot. They are elastic, which does not impair performance. The “coolpacks” are chilled in the freezer and are removed from the freezer to be worn. The shoe can also be worn without the packs, in which case underlying mesh structures hidden by the packs while the packs are inserted, will keep the feet ventilated.

The shoe is made of weather-resistent materials, such as nylon and synthetic leather. The shoe’s mechanical structure and perforated materials allow for surrounding ventilation and a breathable shoe. Its construction and “Boa Fit” closure system ensure that it fits tightly, enhancing its performance. The rubber sole sticks to the pedal, for optimal grip. Stiffer than your average sole, it allows for optimal power transmission while pedaling, while offering enough rollability for comfortable walking.

The Unisex shoes are availabel in all sizes and different colors. Overall, the shoe should be as light as possible to support the performance when cycling.

  • FIT Seal