• Prize
    Winner in Sportswear Design
  • University
    Universidad Iberoamericana
  • Lead Designer
    Mariani Gutierrez Rodriguez
  • Professor Credit
    Ileana Jalil
  • Photo Credit
    Mariani Gutierrez
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In the midst of the modern sedentary world, creating an outfit for skaters was beyond just doing a cool thing as the main purpose of the project was to promote the use of the skateboard as a micro-mobility method in order to reduce the carbon print the world, as well as to help people get some movement to live a healthier life. HAWK is a project whose name is a tribute to one of the best skaters of all time, Tony Hawk. HAWK is a project for skaters, to make them feel free, safe, and powerful. The design takes a look at the past, specifically the 80s (a time when there was a massive boom in the skate world), and reinterprets it with a modern view. Geometric shapes are characteristic of this outfit, the “V” shape from the bomber jacket creates the effect of broader shoulders, so people can feel empowered when wearing the jacket, it also creates an hourglass shape in the front, making the user feel powerful, but at the same time comfortable. The outfit was made to fit the user, not the other way around, it focuses on technology (LEDs), mobility, protection (elbow pads, reflective ribbon, and resistant fabrics), and most importantly, inclusion (made for all types of genders).

The bomber jacket implements the use of LEDs to provide night vision in case the road or the skate park is totally dark, so people can see there’s someone out there. The jacket has a total of 41 LEDs in 8 different colors that are connected to a LilyPad, and to a light sensor using conductive thread. They are accommodated in a rainbow-like sequence, which is also similar to the sequence found on the highways at night (the lights turn on one by one), in this case, they light up 2 by 2 on each side (due to the type of Lilypad). The sensor is used to activate the sequence, as the sun goes down, the sensor starts to sense a smaller amount of light, once it has hit the given amount, the LEDs start to turn on and repeat the sequence programmed. The “V” shape from the design is the one that has de LEDs because it is the biggest part of the design, also, the LEDs highlight this part as the most characteristic, so people can truly associate this shape with the outfit. Last but not least, the “V” shape can be associated with the turn-around sign from the highways, so people can take it as a prevention sign too.

The bomber jacket is created with water-repellant fabrics, such as polyester fabric (abrasion resistant) and microfiber which is lightweight, soft touch, and water resistant. The “V” shape protects the skater and empowers them. It includes attached elbow pads that protect people when falling. The jacket has a reflective ribbon attached to the "V" shape and to the elbow pads to provide extra night security. It has 5 pockets, two of which create the hourglass effect along with the “V” shape, while the rest are inside the dry-fit lining, two are on teach side, and one is located on the top right side of the lining (made to hold the rechargeable battery that lights up the LEDs). The jacket includes 41 LEDs that light up during the night. The pants are made with 12 OZ stretch denim, which makes it abrasion resistant but also comfortable, the design follows the same "geometric" design that the bomber jacket has. It has reflective ribbon along its seams to provide night security in case the pants are not being worn with the bomber jacket or vice versa.

​​The whole design is unisex, the current prototype belongs to a size S for men and an M size for women. The main color of the design is black, mainly because it's a color that doesn't seem to get dirty. As for the print used in the bomber jacket, it is inspired by the A/W 2023-24 fashion trend called "Creative Reset" (specifically the micro trend “play-doh forms”) which shows a splash of color and expression of yourself through clothing. The print was made in Illustrator, with vectors that represent skaters’ movements when doing stunts on the skateboard. Due to the type of fabrics that were used to provide protection and breathability, this outfit is between lightweight and medium-weight, as it still provides freedom of movement but is not as lightweight as other types of sportswear.

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