• Prize
    Winner in Sportswear Design
  • University
    Universidad Iberoamericana
  • Lead Designer
    Montserrat Burgos Parra
  • Professor Credit
    Lisette Castelán de la Cruz, Manuela Paterna Patrucco, Raúl Ulloa, Esther Pineda
  • Photo Credit
    Montserrat Burgos
  • Design Status
  • Project Link

A bomber jacket was designed with the aim of promoting the use of micro mobility. For the design, disco nights on skates and street art were inspired, creating a 70s figure and a print inspired by the Overview trend on the clothes.

In the design of the jacket, comfort was thought to be warm in the morning when using this micromobility. LED lights were also added to ensure the user when on the street and avoid a car accident.

Printed “Bolton” fabric
Black “Cardigan” fabric
Gutermann threads black and white colors

Medium size
Colors: gray, yellow, black & white

  • FIT Seal