D.E.S.P 01

  • Prize
    Winner in Sportswear Design / Sustainability
  • University
    Syracuse University
  • Lead Designer
    Ryley Ireland
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D.E.S.P 01 is a sustainable shoe concept designed for disassembly. Using no adhesives, this shoe is completely stitched together and can be take apart with three parts: the midsole, reclaimed shoelaces, and the upper. The midsole is flexible TPU, which can be melted down and re-used infinitely. The upper is made up of several different materials ranging from BANANATEX to SeaCell to Dimpora. All of these sustainable materials are sewn together, once you take apart each individual pattern, they can either be recycled, re-used, reclaimed, or compostable/biodegradable. One step at a time, D.E.S.P is a concept driven to save our planet and rethink the footwear industry for the better.

Designed for Disassembly and using no glue, D.E.S.P 01 is a footwear concept and prototype showcasing how footwear should be made. Using no glue in a single pair of shoes has been a long lasting problem in this industry. Although there are existing shoes that do not use glue, I wanted to design my concept on how I think it should look, feel, and function. Using no glue, I went with Design for Disassembly as my direction for sustainability. The shoe consists of three parts basically; 3D printed outsole/midsole, upper, and laces. Each component can be taken apart, re-used, or recycled to have the least amount of impact on the environment. Lastly, each material on the upper is already made up of recycled components, biodegradable, or easily reusable.

Product Detail
Product Composition:
- Flexible TPU 3D printed outsole/midsole
- Fully stitched upper with no glue
- BANANATEX, SeaCell LT, DYNTEX Biodegradable Origin, Sorona, and Dimpora
- Reclaimed Adidas Shoelaces
- Padding and Insulation:
- Mycelium and Flocus

Product Specs:
Size: Only one men's 9.5 sample size prototype pair
Colors: Black/Navy Blue/ Natural
Weight: 910 grams

I am a recent graduate from Syracuse University with a Bachelors Degree in Industrial and Interaction Design and Minor Degree in Fashion Design. I am an extremely motivated and self-driven creative student with a genuine passion for industrial and interaction design. My passion includes sourcing various influences into unified bodies of work. My initiatives for projects and design studies are focused on how the product lives in the world. Hard work and an open mind defines how I work personally and with others.

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