Levitate blade kit

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    Sport Gear Design of the Year
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    Levitate Technology
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    Jacob Bolton
  • Other Designer(s)
    Lasse Madsen
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    Levitate Technology
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    para triathlete Sebastian Engwald
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We believe that active living should be a choice - not a matter of wealth or policy. We make prosthetic running blades more attainable so those who want to play, exercise, or compete have the freedom to do so. Some may see our products as industry-disruptive prosthetics. We see them as accessible sports accessories.

Levitate is a Copenhagen-based sports equipment company making running blades for amputees. Levitate makes the running blades more attainable so those who want to play, exercise or compete are no longer sidelined by the traditional process.

Until now, amputees, like Levitate’s founder, have had to overcome a series of financial and emotional hurdles to get the gear they need to get moving. The industry standard is based on costly equipment that even fails to deliver on quality and countless time-consuming appointments with specialists.

Levitate has taken matters into their own hands, so anyone can too. No more specialists. No more high costs and hidden fees. No more wasted time.

Levitate reimagined the entire system, granting people the power to directly order running blades online, installed them themselves in their homes in a matter of minutes, and simply start running. For this purpose, Levitate designed a revolutionary sports blade kit that’s affordable, durable and easy to use, so you can throw caution to the wind and perform with confidence.

Made primarily of unidirectional fiberglass, Levitate running blades are designed for everyday athletes. In collaboration with some of the best composite engineers in the world, and with inspiration from the wind power industry, Levitate designed a blade that can take a punch while making long-lasting usage comfortable for the user.
The Levitate sole is made of direct-injected PU to create a soft and non-slippery contact with the ground.

We have 3 sizes of blades available: 19 cm, 25 cm, and 35 cm. All can be adjusted with 0-14 cm with the height adjustability option in the installation kit, meaning that we can fit any lower limb amputee, no matter what.

The blade itself comes in a single granite grey color and 3 different sole colors: neon orange, black and light grey.
The sole is interchangeable and can be replaced when worn out.

We also offer the first-ever running-blade sole specifically designed for trekking and trail running. This means that no matter if you're in the city streets or in the mountains, you can go for a run with a Levitate blade.

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