• Prize
    Emerging Sport Gear Designer of the Year
  • University
    Purdue University
  • Lead Designer
    Abolfazl Ghaderi
  • Professor Credit
    Cheryl Qian
  • Design Status

Bichack is a powered wheelchair with two built-in magnetic resistance flywheels. These flywheels are connected to two adjustable and changeable levers which enable the user to exercise different muscle groups with them, moving the levers also triggers the propeller.
The resistance amount is adjusted through a panel on the wheelchair.
Users can switch between fully powered assisted mode, manual mode, and Bichack mode (Exercise mode). With that, they adjust the amount of force needed to propel the wheelchair in different positions.

The incorporation of magnetic resistance inside a power wheelchair helps users to adjust the force that they will make towards the wheelchair, this force will be through different designs that will target different muscle groups of the user and the wheelchair will act as a small weight training set as it moves. the magnetic resistance mechanism is already used in smart home gyms and exercise bicycles.

Product is a Powered wheelchair. The frame is made out of Aluminum alloy which is lightweight and durable, other components like armrests and other secondary structures are made of PP Plastic, either in injection molding (like in the handles and buttons) or rotational molding (like in the arm rest and back rest). The Seat has soft cushions with cloth covering on it.

The estimated size is 140cm X 80cm X 120cm. The size could slightly change because of the modularity of the product as the seat can be adjusted in terms of height to accommodate different users. BICHAK has a motor inside, a battery, and two magnetic resistance beside the exterior elements of seating and wheels which makes it quite heavy. estimate is 80kg to 150kg.

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