TAC-Fitness bike

  • Prize
    Winner in Sport Equipment Design / Cycling
  • University
    Art Center College of Design
  • Lead Designer
    Hengqi Zhao
  • Professor Credit
    Jeffrey B. Jones
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The Tac-Fitness Bike represents a groundbreaking advancement in home cardio training. It elevates your workout sessions to a whole new level by addressing the limitations of existing virtual cycling equipment. Through the integration of an independent ALR projection device and a built-in stabilizer, the Tac-Fitness Bike brings the energy and immersive ambiance of a professional gym right into the comfort of your own home.

Inspired by the biomechanics of road bike, this bike's design ensures that your training experience closely mirrors real cycling movements, resulting in a more authentic and dynamic workout. This heightened training experience not only intensifies your workouts but also enhances the efficiency of fat burning.

With the Tac-Fitness Bike, you can embark on a journey of professional, immersive, and high-intensity aerobic training without ever needing to step outside your home. It's a game-changer for those seeking a truly immersive and effective fitness solution.

Immersion: To overcome the shortcomings of insufficient immersion in existing virtual cycling devices, the Tac-Fitness Bike has undergone innovative improvements. It is equipped with state-of-the-art ALR projection equipment and features an integrated stabilizer. The display size of the virtual cycling content will depend on the projection range, resulting in a more profound sense of immersion. Furthermore, the ALR projection equipment effectively reduces the impact of light reflections on the projected content. The built-in stabilizer ensures that the projected content remains stable, unaffected by the bike's movement.

Realistic experience: The Tac-Fitness Bike simulating the biomechanical principles of road cycling. Its base is equipped with a pneumatic air jack and damping springs on both sides. These components enable the bike's body to automatically adjust its height during cycling to simulate real road conditions. Additionally, the body can sway from side to side to achieve the most authentic pedaling effort during cycling. This design enhances the sense of realism in training, allowing users to better experience the joy and challenge of cycling.

Product Detail
The overall material use of Tac-fitness bike has always been to reduce the diversity of materials, making the entire production process and recycling process more environmentally friendly and efficient.

Body: Anodized aluminum (strong, scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, recyclable)
Rubber (recycled tires)
Recycled Steel

Grip: 3D print (recycled tire printing material) can be customized

Seat: Breathable Weave: Recycled Polyester & Recycled Nylon (durable, quick-drying, breathable, Stain Resistance)

Bike’s body height, grip position, seat height, and seat position can all be effortlessly adjusted, either automatically or manually, for maximum comfort and convenience.

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