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    Winner in Sport Equipment Design / Innovation
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  • Lead Designer
    Adi Abramov
  • Professor Credit
    Alon Chitayat, Ran Kazes, Nir Siegel
  • Photo Credit
    Michael Shvadron
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The project introduces an innovative solution for soccer players: sports glasses equipped with augmented reality technology. These glasses are designed for use during play, providing amateur players with virtual coaching, real-time game analysis, and error detection. This technology aims to enhance training sessions with a professional and advanced gaming experience.

However, incorporating technology into eyewear presents several challenges, including durability, weight, balance, and technological integration. Our design is based on an analysis of facial anatomy, ensuring the glasses rest comfortably on the cheekbones while allowing unobstructed nasal breathing. To facilitate ball heading and withstand physical impacts during play, the glasses are designed without an upper frame.

These glasses represent a dynamic fusion of sports and technology, offering football players a smart, layered view of their environment in an innovative way.

Product Detail
The product is made of hard plastic, metal fasteners, and flexible textile, designed to respond to sweat and action with effort. It is suitable for extreme sports. All materials have been chosen to minimize weight and ensure maximum adaptation to the face and neck area.

Ergonomics in facial features is undoubtedly the most complex area for universal adjustment in the human body. To address this in my project, I adopted the 50th percentile guidelines from Dreyfuss's book. This approach enables the product to fit a wide range of facial structures. For optimal customization, the product is designed to adapt to an individual's features.

The product dimensions cater to the fiftieth percentile for men aged 20-55, based on the following measurements:

Nose to scalp distance: 150 mm
Skull width: 155 mm
Nose-to-back distance: 221 mm.

Adi Abramov is a talented individual who blends the worlds of industrial design and mechanical engineering. A graduate B.Des degree from Shenkar, a school for engineering and design in Tel Aviv. specialized in ergonomics, facial features, and clothing design with a focus on the human head during his studies. Parallel to his design expertise, Adi also possesses in-depth knowledge of mechanics and aviation from his practical engineering background. This combination allows him to approach every design process with a keen eye for both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring optimal efficiency.

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