• Prize
    Winner in Sportswear Design / Footwear
  • Lead Designer
    Yinghua Lu
  • Design Status

HYPEX is a creek shoe design that seamlessly blends outdoor functionality with hypebeast style. What sets HYPEX apart is its innovative incorporation of safety belt-inspired elements for secure foot lockdown, ensuring maximum stability even in challenging terrains. If the user want to loose the shoe, pull the metal pieces outward, with less elastic bands overlay, the flexibility goes higher; if the user want to tight the shoe, push the metal pieces inward, with more elastic bands overlay, the flexibility goes lower. Additionally, the visual language of gorpcore style enhances comfort and support, setting a new standard for urban river tracing enthusiasts. Crafted with speed-dry materials, a comfortable fitting, superior grip, and a sleek aesthetic, HYPEX stands out as the epitome of performance and style in outdoor footwear. Integrate with speed dry materials, ergonomics, and outdoor footwear trends underpinned the technical foundation of this project, ensuring HYPEX offers unparalleled performance and aesthetics.

The appearance of HYPEX does not look like the traditional creek shoe. The reason behind this seeing the potential of the outdoor equipment market growth. With a more fashionable creek shoe product coming out, the consumer who is into hypebeast fashion would be interested to start their first river tracing. With the social media impact becomes bigger and bigger, the younger generation is more into a product that is unique and shows their personality.

Product Detail
The Hypex creek shoe comes with mega grip rubber outsole for river tracing lovers to walk on any terrains safely. The shoe is made by speed-dry materials. The shoe is fit for any types of feet with the heel and instep elastic band design. If you want to loose the shoe, pull the metal pieces outward, if you want to tight the shoe, push the metal pieces inward.


Hello, I'm Yinghua Lu, a passionate footwear designer. My journey began with a foundation in product design from ArtCenter, which enabled me to delve into the intricate process of footwear creation. Professionally, I've had the experience of contributing to footwear projects for globally recognized sports brands like ANTA and ADIDAS. Fueled by a profound passion for footwear, I am committed to crafting captivating and innovative projects within this dynamic industry.

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