The BetterGuard

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    Sport Gear Design of the Year
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    Betterguards Technology, Inc.
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    Vinz Bichler (Chief Technical Officer & Founder)
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    Dr. Tobias ConsmĂĽller, Elron Borchardt, Amo Paul, Lillian Rickermann
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    Betterguards Technology GmbH
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    Betterguards Technology, Inc.
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The BetterGuard ankle brace is designed for elite and amateur athletes alike, to achieve peak performance amidst recovery and prevent severe ankle injuries. Fueled by its adaptive ankle stabilizer, the dynamic ankle support automatically activates in the event of sudden ankle turning or twisting to prevent injuries from happening. Similar to a seatbelt in a car, the system is triggered only when its user is in danger of injury and is automatically released after the threat has passed. In clinical trials, athletes who wore The BetterGuard returned to play 54.4% faster and reduced the risk of severe ankle injuries by 62.5% compared to traditional recovery methods. Bolstered by the NBA Launchpad Program, all-star athletes across the NBA, NFL, and NCAA, such as Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-ra St.Brown, rely heavily on The BetterGuard to keep them in the game and sustain their competitive edge. With incredibly lightweight ankle support that won't slow them down, athletes can trustingly pivot, jump, and run while preventing injury.

Before The BetterGuard, athletes and trainers combating ankle injuries had to choose between a rigid brace, sacrificing peak performance, or a soft brace, sacrificing protection. The BetterGuard eliminates this decision and offers the best of both worlds. The BetterGuard is a breakthrough product built with a mini ankle stabilizer that acts as an artificial ligament for dynamic joint support, giving athletes the feeling of a secure brace while allowing a full range of motion. The concept behind the adaptive ankle stabilizer is similar to a seatbelt in a car, only restricting movement with the purpose of protecting the user in critical situations. The BetterGuard was innovated through rigorous testing and tedious research at Betterguards’ in-house facilities including an ankle joint test bench, which is a base platform equipped with sensors to measure the range of motion and stability of the ankle joint. The BetterGuard is 40% lighter with 27% greater mobility compared to conventional ankle braces. This feature, combined with Betterguards ultra lightweight compression and adjustable dual-strap closure, is what makes The BetterGuard exceptional.

Product Detail
Betterguards Technology, Inc. is a next-generation sports technology company changing the game in injury prevention, recovery, and performance innovation. In 2022, Betterguards was selected by NBA Launchpad to work alongside league and team officials focusing on ankle injury prevention and recovery. The BetterGuard officially launched at NBA Summer League 2023, and is the first-of-its-kind adaptive ankle protection system, giving athletes dynamic support without sacrificing freedom of movement. The award-winning design offers full mobility during normal gameplay, and instantly stabilizes the ankle joint in the event of sudden ankle turning or twisting.

The BetterGuard is made with breathable, ultra-lightweight materials composed of different polyester and TPUs and small metal parts. The mini ankle stabilizer is a micro hydraulic fluid system that can withstand external elements and intense workouts. The exposed construction gives it a sleek, minimalist appearance, making it 40% lighter than traditional ankle braces, and offers greater mobility and protection without excess weight. The full product is designed, tested, and manufactured in Europe according to DIN ISO 9001 standards.

Betterguards is operated with carbon-neutral shipping and fulfillment. The BetterGuard is available in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL for both women and men. The athlete's size is determined by two factors: US standard shoe size and the circumference (in cm) directly above the ankle bone. Using these determining factors, athletes can find their respective sizes by referencing the size chart. The BetterGuard currently comes in either black or gray. A single left or right brace is available for purchase or a pair, depending on the athlete's needs. The BetterGuard weighs 9.8 ounces.

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