• Prize
    Emerging Sport Gear Designer of the Year
  • University
    Holon Institute of Technology
  • Lead Designer
    Soof Azani
  • Professor Credit
    ofer zik
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Physical rehabilitation after an injury to the lower limbs is a complex challenge, which requires a lot of motivation, time, and resources from the patient.
In order to return to full function, the muscles in the lower limbs must be strengthened, develop their ability to be an effort for a long time and improve the speed of
Ezun is a smart training surface for knee and ankle injuries that contains the functions of necessary products in the restoration process and uses modern technologies. The combination of these capabilities provides variable levels of difficulty, feedback during practice, and monitoring of progress.
Rehabilitation is a long process that takes the patient through five main stages:
- rest
- Gaining range of motion
- Reinforcement and the start of an activity
- intense activity
- Prevention of repeated injuries
By using the injury protocol and analyzing the patient's progress, the app knows how to match him with additional exercises that will suit his physical condition.
The awareness of training results and the constant change in the training program creates small challenges, which allow the patient to be independent and actively involved in his process.

The product is designed to provide a home solution for knee and ankle injuries. One of its main goals is to fit all the steps and parameters in the physical rehabilitation process while emphasizing the user experience.
By using gamification values Such as setting goals, tracking, real-time feedback, and belonging, EZUN empowers motivation and involvement in the user's personal process.
With Ezun you can perform over 25 different exercises that combine stability, speed, and strength.
The product is connected to an app that allows the user to adjust the training program according to the injury protocol and physical data. The app views demonstration videos of the required exercises and updates the training results and progress graph. In addition, there is the possibility to share the training results with a professional therapist if he is involved in the process.
The product combines the capabilities of many training devices required for athletes at all levels to return to their routine and enables intuitive and accessible controlled training in the home environment without the need for permanent docking.

Product Detail
The body of the product is divided into three parts, the two upper parts are made of 12 mm plywood that goes through a CNC, and the third part is made of aluminum that goes through a CNC process, the lower part serves as a docking station for a resistance rubber band made of silicone. In the lower part of the product are sliding rings Covered in Cordura fabric, and between them a wide velcro that connects three balancing rings produced by TPE injection.
At the heart of the product, a motion sensor is installed, providing information on the user's progress and balance. Around the inner perimeter of the product, there are four flat flashlights with touch sensors. The lights are the playful heart of the product and the means of communication between the product and the user. the docking points of the flashlights are also used as charging points and are held in place by magnets.

The product is intended for home use but is also suitable for gyms and Clinics. The diameter of the product (35) allows standing on one or two feet depending on the required exercise and its height (110 cm) is a derivative of ankle range of motion exercises.
The product is intended for the field of physical rehabilitation among professional and amateur athletes, therefore It is suitable for both sexes.
The design is materially and formally influenced by the worlds of balance boards Pilates and surfing.
The values that guided the design process are functionality, sportsmanship, and a sense of security for the user who can't even stand the beginning of the process.

My name is Soof Azani, I am 29 years old from Tel Aviv. I recently completed my bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at HIT College.
During my studies I acquired a lot of knowledge and experience in various fields in the world of design, the field that interested me the most was interactive design, the ability to communicate through the object and the many possibilities that opened up for designers amazed me. In my personal life sports activities related to balance and core muscles, surfing, Slackline, skateboarding, and yoga. That's why I decided to combine my interests in one project.

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