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    Sport Apparel Design of the Year
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    Imbrace Ltd
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  • Lead Designer
    Geoffrey Hanson
  • Other Designer(s)
    Julie Greengrass, Chemmy Alcott
  • Manufacturer
    Imbrace Ltd
  • Contributor(Other)
    James Jacques, Eric Hanson
  • Photo Credit
    Jordan McGibney
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    £149.00 (GBP)
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Designed as a collaboration with 4 X Olympian downhill skier Chemmy Alcott. She brought the mindset of an elite athlete and understanding of the physical needs of ski and snow sport users. Chemmy's focus in on working with the body to help the individual to achieve their best.
Both male and female leggings incorporate a high waist to enhance user performance and injury prevention. It has pockets for heat pads in the lining to keep the muscles in the lower back and spine warm. The female design has a pocket in the front of the waist band to help soothe period discomfort.
The waist can be tightened using adjustable 'Core Boost' straps Tightening them helps to switch on the transverse abdominal muscles which provide thoracic and pelvic stability.
The IT Band panel covers the outer thighs and hips keeping muscles warm, helping with knee alignment and reducing fatigue.
The design of the neoprene panels around the knees give the confidence and support of mid level compression braces without bulky material behind the knee for maximum comfort and bend.
The leggings are 'boot cut' length so there is no material inside the boot to interfere with the feel of the tongue of the ski boot.

The worlds first Snow Sport focused support/compression legging.

An adjustable high waist with pockets for heat pads in the lining to warm and protect the muscle groups around the lower back and spine. The adjustable waist band helps users engage their core leading to better alignment and posture and enhanced hip and lower body control.
An inner lining front pocket (female style) for a heat pad to soothe period pain.

The shape of the panels that cover the thighs and hips joined by the lower back panel promotes alignment of the pelvis. Coverage of the hips and thighs reduces fatigue in these important muscles for form when skiing.

The design and construction of the panels surrounding the knees give good levels of support and protection to snow sport users who have suffered injuries or knee pain but also for those who seeking to protect their joints from injury.

Feedback from testers shows a reduction in fatigue and aches and pains. With enhanced overnight recovery combined with reduced muscle soreness the next morning. When compared with not wearing them.
Testers also reported increased confidence from the first run of the to the last - enjoying their skiing more.

Product Detail
Base legging fabric is composed of 77% Recycled Nylon with 23% Spandex with a light flocked finish. This fabric incorporates
HEIQ Smart Temp.(TM) thermo regulation technology which responds to body heat. It is treated with HEIQ Anti (TM) Bacterial to keep the product fresh during use and reduce washing cycles.
The panels that make up the compression are produced from 2mm perforated neoprene and bonded with an outer Polyester mesh layer to help retain panel shape, increase panel durability and compressive properties. The waist incorporates a combination of the base fabric, neoprene panelling (covers the base of the spine), Velcro and elasticated adjustment straps. The ends of the straps are finished with a moulded velcro backed closer tab. The knee brace design incorporates shaped panels that give the support of a mid level knee brace to the front and sides of the knee without the need for bulky panels behind the knee.

Women's - currently available in black with fuchsia stitching and graphics.
Average weight; 370 grams
Sizing; XS (Waist; 61-66cm) through to XXXL (Waist; 96-106cm)

Men's - currently available in black with orange stitching and graphics.
Average weight; 415 grams
Sizing; XS(Waist; 66-71cm) through to XXL (Waist; 102-112cm)

IMBRACE Snow leggings have been designed in collaboration with 4 x Winter Olympian Chemmy Alcott.

They are the worlds first and only protective compression base layer leggings designed specifically for Snow Sport users and their range of requirements.

The product incorporates unique features to protect and enhance skier's and snowboarder's performance and experience on the slopes.

Focusing on injury prevention and fatigue reduction.

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