Guillaume Salmon

SOLEKO DESIGN / Footwear Designer

Guillaume Salmon graduated from the design school: STRATE (France) in 2005 and started working in 2006 in the sports industry as an ”international accessories designer” for PUMA in London (UK).

Guillaume specialized in footwear design in different categories for LACOSTE in London (UK) and for DECATHLON in Lille (France). A few years ago, he decided to work exclusively on eco-design projects, it was a personal and professional conviction. Guillaume acquire new competencies and developed new skills through different roles in this area inside Decathlon.  In 2020,  Guillaume Salmon became an independent designer, based in Nantes, working for different clients, mostly on eco-designed shoes and with a priority for projects that are manufactured locally (French shoe factories) as well as teaching at the École de design Nantes Atlantique”.

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