Blaž Bajzelj

Fischer Sports / Head of Design - Alpine department

20-plus years of experience have taught Blaž that adjectives have no place in design: product, graphic, brand identity, user experience, interior design. All require the same mindset, dedication, attention to detail, and —most importantly— an understanding of the end user, environment, and context in order to create meaningful and relevant products, services, and experiences.

After graduating from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy with a BA in industrial design; Blaž has worked as a Product designer and Graphic designer for various companies as well as driving his own projects.

Since 2015, Blaž is the head of design within the alpine department at Fischer Sports working mainly in Austria but also collaborating with our subsidiaries in Italy and the USA. He is responsible for all design —both industrial and graphic— of the entire Fischer alpine line of products, influencing both the brand’s look and feel as well as its communication and future direction

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