Hortense Carlier

Icebreaker / Global Merchandising Director

Growing up in a half Dutch, half French family who were crazy about sport, I have always loved being active. The mountains and the outdoors gave me a love for nature that has shaped both my career and how I spend my free time. When I am out there, and I look around me, I see the beauty and the grandeur of these mountains. Understanding how small we are, and I realize how important it is to protect them. In our industry we have a role to play by taking responsibility through the different stages of the product process.

After studying business, I have started my career as a product manager and always worked very closely with product development & designers. I started my career at Salomon in France, and then worked in Switzerland at Intersport, The North Face and for Icebreaker right now. Over the years, I acquired a lot of experience in the industry and have a very good view of the entire product development process, from design to go-to-market. Right now, as the global merchandising director of icebreaker, I set the product strategy of the brand and make sure that what we develop is globally relevant, pushing the boundaries and innovative.

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