Julian Loretz

On-Running / Performance Footwear Designer

After finishing the bachelor’s program in Industrial Design at the University of Applied Sciences Graz, Julian Loretz graduated in Advanced Product Design at Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden, which has strongly shaped his approach towards design.

During his studies, Julian also had the chance to gain some valuable experience from internships at Puma Sportstyle, Frog Design and Mercedes-Benz. His intent during that time was to stay open to all kinds of areas within the field of product design and to become as versatile as possible. In the end, the creation of sports products, with the idea to enable human potential, has always been a playground where he felt most impactful.

Julian is now working as a Performance Footwear Designer at the Swiss sports company “On”; where he is able to combine his endless passion for sports with his aspiration for thoughtful design.

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