Julie Valuskova

YEEZY / Senior Designer

Julie is a Czech-born immigrant, multi-disciplinary artist and conceptual designer with a unique academic background in Interior Architecture and Sculpture. Pursuing a double education, she did an exchange in Torino studying Architecture and Intercultural Communication.

While finishing her second degree, Julie pivoted from architecture and landed a job drafting patterns and sewing samples at a bags & accessories factory in California, where she quickly climbed to be the head of Design & Development of Made in USA products for Chrome Industries, KEEN Footwear, and many other private label brands.

Experiencing the manufacturing leg of product design fueled her drive for the innovation and conceptualization part of the process and led her to the Innovation Lab at KEEN Footwear in Portland, OR where she transitioned into the realm of footwear, learning from the best, as well as attending Pensole Footwear Academy to sharpen her CMF expertise under the guidance of Suzette Henry.

Rising through the ranks of outdoor performance, lifestyle, CMF, and streetwear collaborations led her to move on and work with brands like On Running and Cole Haan. Julie is currently a Senior Designer at YEEZY and an independent design consultant.

When not working within the realm of footwear, she is a studio artist experimenting with all things sculpture/painting, and her first love, furniture design.

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